Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Helen Kish Dolls Fix Everything, Fairies Vomit Slime, and Other Outlandish Things.

 I know. I know. I stink at updating my blog. Trying to explain why, feels like excuses, and is embarrassing, so I’m not going to bother. Since I last posted, I’ve had surgery three times, discovered that I’m allergic to dissolving stitches and waterproof dressings and learnt that Helen Kish dolls cure cancer.

I feel skepticism in the air, so hear me out.
Two times I have had cancer.
Both times I bought Helen Kish dolls.
I don’t have cancer anymore.
Would it hold up to empirical testing? Hell, no.
Is it possible due to the fact that I had very easily operable cancers, that were snipped out with simple surgery? You know, maybe. But I think I’m going to have to periodically buy more Helen Kish dolls, just in case.

Either way I finally got a red haired Piper, and here she is.

Ironically, after waiting years for a red haired Piper, I don’t like her wig and want to replace it. But she is quite lovely.

I also added a cute, little fairy to my doll room.
This is Lily Splash

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else talk about these. She’s from the Poopsie Rainbow Surprise/Rainbow High universe. She came blind boxed in a “Perfume bottle” that sprayed glitter. She also comes filled with “slime powder”. You’re supposed to feed her water, shake her up, then squeeze her to make her vomit slime. She also comes with little baggies of crap to mix into the slime. Yay. Totally understand why these mightn’t be super popular with parents.
 Not being a slime loving, glitter hugging, weirdo, I didn’t use the sprays glitter feature at all. I never opened the bags of junk to mix into the slime and I never made the slime. I deliberately force fed her way too much water and just flushed her out. I find it irritating that the slime powder is IN THE DOLL already when you buy it. A lot of toys have slime features but lots of them are packaged in such a way that you can bypass it if you want to. This girl was shedding blue powder until I flushed her. Having said that, I really like her. I want more but I waited until she was on clearance to buy her and she’s not in stock anymore.

Here’s a size comparison with a Lol Surprise, I didn’t expect her to be this big. Also she came with a bra made from daisies, but I feel she looks less trashy topless.

What else have I bought? Wellll, I have a little habit of going overboard, when I like things. Soooo, I decided to buy one of the Ruby Red Fashion Friends and this happened

 Somehow I ended up with quite a few! 
Incidentally if you are in Australia and like these dolls, Kidstuff carry the basic dolls, except Lila, and they work out cheaper. Especially if they’re on sale. 

So here are my girls

Stella is my favourite. Mine has been renamed Amelia. 

Bella hasn’t been renamed yet. She’s weirdly sallow and slightly greenish and her eyes, which are advertised as green are pretty definitely yellow. 

Sara hasn’t found her new name yet either. She reminds me of the little girl from Mary Poppins.

Maya. I cut the blonde streak out of her hair because she’s not the Bride of Frankenstein. I have renamed her Layla Rose. Layla because I think it suits her. Rose because her hair and outfit remind me of the comedian Rose Matafeo.

Kayla is so new, her hands are behind her back to disguise the fact that they’re still wrapped in plastic. I think I’m going to call her Sadiqah. I like her face a lot more in person than in the promotional photos.

This is the “special” Holiday Stella. Except she’s wearing a Maru and Friends dress because her actual dress looks like something Morgan Fairchild would have worn in a 1980s costume drama or the sort of outfits newly divorced aunts wore in “Glamour” photo shoots when I was a teenager. Her face is the same as the standard Stella. Her hair is a shade or two darker than Sara’s.

This is Hanna. I call her Clara. Her outfit is probably the worst of the lot. Frayed denim shorts over fishnets and a strappy top that does not fit. So far I haven’t been able to get her hair to behave, but I haven’t tried super hard. I think I’ll try some pigtails.

I like these dolls. They have similar faces to the Maru mini dolls, with better articulation. They work with a lot of 18 inch doll furniture, and they fit the shoes that I already have for my Helen Kish dolls. Just to clarify, they don’t fit the Kish doll’s original shoes, but I have a bunch of MSD shoes for them, which do fit these girls. Only caveat is they have to be flats. Since these girls don’t have jointed ankles, they can’t wear the heels. 
Their clothes are weird. I honestly don’t get all the denim. And none of the outfits are particularly matchy matchy but that also kind of means nothing looks worse if you mix and match it with the other dolls. And that kind of makes it more realistic, like a real kid that’s just grabbed whatever out of her wardrobe. 

This little miss is Sydney, one of the Siblies. They’re supposed to be younger siblings for the Ruby Red Fashion Friends. All of the girls have brightly coloured streaks in their hair which is cute, but I wish they didn’t. Sydney’s face seems sort of blurry. There is not as much detail there. I don’t think they make good siblings for the regular dolls. They have the wrong proportions. Smaller children tend to have stockier bodies than older children and proportionately larger heads. The siblies don’t have different proportions, they’re just smaller. They’re ok, particularly given that they’re half the price, and I like Sydney’s delicate little face, but I don’t think I’ll bother buying more.

*This was written, photographed and edited in a rush so it isn’t perfect and that’s ok.

**Helen Kish dolls do NOT actually cure cancer but they may help with a positive outlook, which is good for your health.

*** Don’t take medical advice from me. I am not a doctologist.


  1. You are great at humorous writing, even if it's dark humor. Or humour. :) You certainly have a great Fashion Friends collection there. Even if you have to re-wig your Piper, at least her coloring will suit red hair. I'm so glad that you're better, health wise.

    1. Thanks Barb!
      Hopefully I can find a wig for Piper that I like, without buying more than one!

  2. HI Rach!
    I think your good humour helps with the cancer more than the Kish dolls, but whatever works, I'm glad you are back with us and posting again. I do love your Piper though, and hope you find the right wig for her.

    Love that you caught the FF bug, I had a feeking you might, they are quite adorable dolls for a resonable price. Thanks for the heads up on Kidstuff, I didn't know about them.

    Interesting reading about your Sydney, I had a feeling that was the case. From the point of view of Siblies being a doll in their own right, how do you find her size?

    Must fly, so many blogs to catch up on...have a lovely Sunday!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks Sandy!
      They really are lovely dolls! I've got one project to finish and one project to do, then I'm going to start sewing for them.

      Sydney is a nice size and I think she makes a lovely play doll. But she really feels like a play doll. I can't really see her as a doll adults would collect. I'm happy to display mine with my RRFF for now but I know that in two or three years, she'll be given to Tiny.

  3. Hi Rachael! For some reason I just see this post now, after wondering why had you been so quiet. Your statement on the Helen Kish dolls remind me of when I say "It's been scientifically proven by me". Anyway, I'm glad that you're feeling better and that you got a bunch of dolls you really like.

    I did recognize the "Poopsie" doll, but I didn't know they had some sort of spin off series with smaller dolls. It's cute, but I don't know why these companies have to make it everything slime/transforming with water/extra glittery. They clearly don't have to clean up the mess the kids will make with that.

    Wish you a great week ahead!